Planning Planning

Where ideas become solutions

Warehousing concepts – ready for tomorrow

New warehousing systems entail investments. Our comprehensive concepts and graphic simulations make it easier for you to decide on the right warehousing solution for your company and plans. The earlier our planning experts are integrated in the conception of a new warehouse, the greater the optimisation potential and thus the life cycle of your new warehousing system..

From the idea to the optimum warehousing solution

Step 1: analyse the movement data

We record the current and expected movement data in an extensive analysis process. Weak spots in existing processes can already be identified in this initial step and the complete potential of optimised processes unlocked. A detailed report summarises the results of the analysis in an easily understandable manner.


Step 2: optimum design of the processes

We develop the potential to optimise existing processes based on the available analytical data together with the responsible person in your company. This helps to free up capacity, lower operating costs and optimise processes.


Step 3: dynamic simulation of processes

But things don’t stop at planning for fehr. Once the processes have been outlined, this is followed by an illustrative, dynamic simulation. In a subsequent detailed analysis, the individually planned process steps are checked and revised if necessary. The advantage of this simulation is that no interventions are required in existing processes in your warehouse and costly errors can be avoided.


Step 4: implement the optimised processes

The new solution can be implemented once the optimum has been achieved for existing and future requirements. A rapid performance of the conversion work within a pre-defined time frame is just as much a matter of course as the safe implementation of the IT and WMS by our experienced technicians.


Step 5: smooth commissioning of the warehouse

Before the system goes into permanent operation, our on-site technicians train your employees in the new processes. A final performance test guarantees a handover according to specifications and a smooth transition to daily work.