Retrofit Retrofit

fehr Retrofit

Bringing older warehousing systems up to date

When deciding whether to modernise an existing warehouse or build a new one, there are not only economic arguments that favour a bespoke retrofit of the existing warehouse. After all, the mechanical components of older systems are usually in a good condition, it’s just the system technology that is no longer up-to-date. With a retrofit-system-update, our technicians bring your entire warehousing system – irrespective of the manufacturer – up to date. This protects the value of your investment and keeps your company competitive.

When does a fehr retrofit make sense?

  • The control system is no longer supported by the manufacturer
  • The IT infrastructure is outdated
  • The warehouse management software no longer satisfies the requirements of a modern company
  • The demands on the operational procedures have changed
  • The costs of operation and maintenance are too high
  • The safety standards are no longer up-to-date
  • Changes to regulations as operator are no longer taken into account
  • The system is too slow
  • Too many down times
  • Compatible components are no longer available
  • Required performance can no longer be achieved
  • Planned relocation
  • Expansion of the existing system


1 Planning


  • Representation of process operations, software procedures and the mechanical plant performance
  • Identification of possible weak points in the processes, the IT/WMS and the plant
  • Identification of improvement potential taking into account altered operational procedures
  • Simulation of the current material flow


  • Planning and optimisation of the process operations including the technical innovations
  • Definition of a best-case scenario for the new value-creation process
  • Integration of the customer’s individual wishes and requirements


  • Real-time simulation of the developed processes and material flow using real customer data
  • Implementation of virtual hardware and software
  • Illustration of the requirements on the new operational procedures in terms of resources and time

2 Offer

  • Detailed offer
  • Different potential solutions for certain areas
  • Various implementation scenarios

3 Project planning

  • Detailed project plan
  • Customer’s specific time frame is taken into account
  • Transparent execution

4 Realisation

  • Rapid execution of the conversion work
  • Safe implementation of new or existing IT structures and the WMS
  • Training of operating and maintenance personnel
  • Performance test
  • Handover according to specification

Measures to preserve the value

  • Advice on individual services
  • Mechanical and software maintenance
  • Response times, availabilities and remote access
  • Accident prevention regulations and rack inspections