Roll-over store Roll-over store

fehr top stacker

Roll-over store for a variety of long goods qualities

Whether during production or for trade: the sophisticated roll-over store is ideal for sizes of between 100 and 1000 bins. It works fully automatically and ensures greater dynamism in warehousing logistics. The fehr top stacker long goods store is used as a storage unit for a variety of qualities of long goods. It works according to the roll-over principle, whereby the storage and retrieval unit runs on the shelf. This means that space that was previously unused can now be put to sensible use. The fehr top stacker can either be integrated into existing buildings or realised as a silo structure on “greenfield developments”. No matter where you decide to build it, each system will be adapted by our engineers to suit your needs precisely.

When one talks of warehousing systems these days, this is only understood as meaning a “station” in the entire value  chain. fehr, on the other hand, places great store in developing an overall concept together with its customers that is dynamic enough to satisfy the demands of the future.

Technical specifications for top stacker
Bins 80–1000
Positions/h up to 35
Payload 3,5 t
System height up to 22 m
Rod dimension up to 9 m
Flat dimension not suitable
Host connection possible

How are goods delivered? Where can down times be eliminated? How can handling be simplified and/or automated? How is the warehousing system embedded in the overriding ERP? In other words: how can the efficiency be improved and the costs reduced? All of these are deliberations that we keep constantly in mind on our way to finding the perfect solution.

It doesn’t matter whether the fehr top stacker is integrated in a fully automated production line or is used to supply a mechanical processing unit: our focus is on sustainable productivity.

The modular design of both the hardware and software means that individual additions and amendments can be carried out to the development steps of the undertaking. And thanks to the consistent approach from planning through to the handover of the system, fehr Lagerlogistik AG really does offer you everything from a single source.

fehr honeycomb side stacker

Quick access with an optimum use of space

fehr honeycomb side stacker stands for fast access, the optimum use of space and maximum availability. What stands out above all, is this flexible system concept based on the latest technology with special individual solutions for all lines of industry. The customer’s containers (baskets) are managed without any additional load carriers. The goods receipt is carried out with a side stacker. A positioning aid facilitates the correct placement of the baskets before they are taken over by the system. The material is moved automatically up to the corresponding double mitre saw. Each saw has two outfeed roller conveyors so that various articles can be processed in parallel. Fast-moving articles are stored on the lower level and can be removed by hand at any time.

Technical specifications for side stacker
Bins 50–500
Positions/h up to 30
Payload up to 1,5 t
System height up to 5 m
Rod dimension up to 7 m
Flat dimension up to 6 x 1,5 m
Host connection possible