Honeycomb warehousing system Honeycomb warehousing system

fehr honeycomb

Honeycomb warehousing system for large quantities and high access speeds

The fehr honeycomb shelving system is ideal for large quantities of rod and sheet materials – especially if high access speeds are necessary. This extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes and can be operated fully automatically and networked. What makes the concept stand out is its absolute consistency and easy handling. The fehr honeycomb system makes optimum use of the available space thanks to a minimum approach dimension, even with cassettes of different dimensions. No other warehousing system offers more capacity with such a small space requirement.

Technical specifications for honeycomb
honeycomb light superlight
Bins 800–∞ 200–1000 50–150
Positions/h up to 60 up to 35 up to 35
Payload up to 7 t up to 1.75 t up to 1.5 t
System height up to 32 m up to 10 m up to 5 m
Rod dimension up to 15 m up to 9 m up to 7 m
Flat dimension up to 6 x 2.5 m up to 6 x 1.5 m up to 6 x 1.5 m
Host connection possible possible possible


fehr honeycomb light

Direct material access with no waiting times

The slightly trimmed-down honeycomb system, fehr honeycomb light, allows direct access to the stored goods with no waiting times. Thanks to specially designed access points, processing machines can be connected directly. The removal and storage process directly from a forklift truck is also possible with fehr honeycomb light.

fehr honeycomb superlight

An uncluttered materials buffer store

The fehr honeycomb superlight materials buffer store allows a clearly managed material overview when storing all kinds of long goods. Thanks to its compact design, the fehr honeycomb superlight materials buffer store allows an ideal use of the space where the room is restricted.

fehr satellite stacker

Roll-over store without load carrier

The fehr satellite stacker roll-over store does without load carriers completely. With the help of a storage and retrieval unit that runs on the bearing block, baskets and pallets from suppliers can be automatically transported just as easily as semi-finished products. The increased efficiency compared to standard solutions is up to 50 percent. And of course, the costs are reduced accordingly.


Technical specifications for satellite stacker
Bins 500–unlimited
Positions/h up to 70
Payload up to 1.5 t
System height up to32 m
Rod dimension up to 9 m
Flat dimension not suitable
Host connection possible