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fehr retrofit. Improving technical storage performance

More flexible delivery times and a general increase in volume – higher demands in these fields are constant drivers in the search for optimum processes. Sapa Building Systems GmbH were looking for optimised processes based on the latest technical knowledge so that they could put the technical capacity of their warehouse to even better use.

With the help of fehr Lagerlogistik AG and its process experts, Sapa Building Systems GmbH realises demanding, functional and energy-efficient façades to the highest quality level.  The computer-based simulation  provided the customer with a platform that visualised the expected changes in advance.

Real customer data were analysed to visualise cost and benefit factors. This resulted in the confidence needed to make an investment.


The planned optimisations in the processes were clearly visualised with realistic simulations.  We were kept up to date about the current progress and our own ideas were also integrated in the simulation.

Claudia Schäfer, Member of Management at Sapa Building Systems GmbH

Most important goals Results
Realisation period December 2013 Reveal process difficulties 58 % higher material throughput
Improve the efficiency of employees Better utilisation of the personnel and warehouse
Increase the material throughput Greater flexibility during picking
Minimise waiting times for trucks
Simulation of the optimisation possibilities
Show the effects of the investment and optimisations

fehr Retrofit

Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH

The sustainable modernisation of their twelve-year-old, fully automated sawing centre, this was the job set by Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH for the retrofit experts from fehr. The main goals: to minimise the susceptibility to failures and reduce the access times.

The complete central control cabinet was renewed and the old control system replaced. All of the drives on the storage and retrieval unit were converted to 3-phase a.c. current technology and fitted with modern frequency converters. The Sinamics S120 modular servodrive follows the trend towards mains-friendly converters. The complete sensor system and electrical installations were also replaced.


The decision in favour of a retrofit with fehr has proven its worth. Our production department didn’t notice the conversion work at all and, consequently, neither did our customers.

Karl-Heinz Grebe, Project Manager at Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH

The fehr WMS controls the automatic sawing centre, handling the cassettes, single rods and the fully integrated sawing cell. What’s more, the new software automatically alerts the maintenance personnel of problems and informs them electronically.

Most important goals Results
Realisation period
December 2012
Reduction of the susceptibility to failures Proven significant increase of the availability to 98.9 %
Guarantee the technical availability of wear parts and spare parts Performance improved by almost 20 %
Reduce the access times Reliable operation with integration in the overall process
Conversion of the IT
Implementation of the new warehouse management software