Steel Steel

Stappert special steel

fehr honeycomb, the solution for high-bay warehouses with Swiss precision

The extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes. Logistics centres can thus be operated fully automatically and networked. The concept excels through its absolute consistency and easy handling. No other warehousing system offers more capacity with the same space requirement.

It is often a long journey from the initial idea to the realisation. In the case of the new Stappert warehouse location in Bönen, we deliberately took our time. And the intensive examination of the details paid off. What eventually only took six months to build exceeds even the wildest expectations, according to the CEO Wolfgang Hartmann at the opening of the new location in Bönen.

The management of Stappert Spezial-Stahl Handel GmbH can look back on positive experiences with several systems from fehr Lagerlogistik AG at various locations throughout Europe. The decision to cooperate closely with the Swiss specialists in the planning phase so as to develop valuable insights and ideas together thus came as no surprise.

The decision in favour of a business partner is always a vote of confidence. Once the decision has been taken, you have to be able to rely on their performance and fairness. Thanks to the good experiences with fehr, we were confident that all would go well with our new location in Bönen too.

Wolfgang Hartmann, CEO Stappert Spezial-Stahl Handel GmbH, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany
Company profile
Five warehouse locations in Germany
15 sales offices

This very open and transparent approach sparked the ambition of the project engineers at fehr Lagerlogistik. Questions were raised that had a major influence on the system’s specifications and helped shape the details. Suggestions from both sides were taken seriously, analysed jointly and developed to maturity.

The persons responsible at Stappert concentrated on the economic efficiency of the plant. Two storage and retrieval units were installed to ensure an optimum handling of the numerous orders. However, the maximum performance that is required can only be called up with a sophisticated software and logistics concept. With the warehouse management system fehr atlas wms, the plant can cope with an output of up to 72 positions per hour. The system compiles the electronically sent orders, taking into account the capacity of the saw, customers, transport paths, deadlines etc. It also boasts an offcuts management feature that reduces scrap to a minimum.  Only with such a consistent interaction of hardware and software do savings really become noticeable!

Technische Spezifikationen
Principle “Material-to-man”
Number of bins 5000
Payload per bin 3 t
Warehouse dimensions 71 x 24 x 15 m (L x W x H)
Two storage and retrieval units 2
Number of goods receipt stations 3


Equipment features

  • Number of outgoing goods stations: 7
  • Number of positions: 72/h
  • “easyvac” handling devices
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Warehouse management: connected to ERP
  • Consistent quality management
  • Availability > 98 %