Steel Steel


fehr honeycomb: the solution for high-bay warehouses with Swiss precision

The extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes. Logistics centres can thus be can be operated fully automatically and networked. The concept excels through its absolute consistency and easy handling. No other warehousing system offers more capacity with the same space requirement.

The customised semi-finished products and complete rods that the specialists Onninen Oy offer their customers from the steel and mechanical engineering as well as contract manufacturing sector are over 9 metres in length and up to 3.5 tons in weight. The just-in-time delivery from the new location in Parola and the high level of completion cut storage costs to a minimum. This new plant posed some special challenges for fehr: the broad range of materials (aluminium, stainless steel, black steel, steel tube in special qualities), the climatic conditions and the increasing number of completion possibilities. Which type of warehouse promised the highest productivity? Which workstation offered the best ergonomics at the place of work? Questions that arose when planning the logistics and designing the layout.

The answer: the automatic high-bay warehouse fehr honeycomb

With over 2400 cassette bins, it has a modular design and can easily be extended by a further 1600 bins to 4000 cassette bins. Even a second or third storage and retrieval unit can be integrated. A worthwhile investment by all means, because the warehouse can adapt to future market developments. The twin-table storage and retrieval unit is designed for two cassette lengths (6.5 and 9.5 metres), thus guaranteeing the ideal use of space.


With fehr, we have trusted in the market leader for automated warehousing technology for rods and flat materials. We really benefited from their know-how during planning. We also profited from the value for money when it came to billing. And there is further potential for additional expansion stages. What’s more, with Algol Technics we also have an excellent local service organisation.

The vertical station

Flexibility and speed are needed wherever bunches and individual rods are picked in various lengths and materials. No problem for the vertical station in combination with the bundling device. The stowage spaces in front of the workplace ensure that there is always a large enough buffer for work. The cassette-swapping time and waiting time at the workplace is reduced by the simultaneous opening and delivery of the cassette. Order items are bundled and hooped individually or together in the bundling device. Bundled order items can be wrapped if necessary. This is followed by the chain conveyor, where bundles can be buffered to save space before dispatch.