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fehr honeycomb, the solution for high-bay warehouses inwith Swiss precision

The extremely efficient system works according to the principle of exchangeable cassettes. Logistics centres can thus be can be operated fully automatically and networked. The concept excels through its absolute consistency and easy handling. No other warehousing system offers more capacity with the same space requirement.

The demand from the domestic market is growing. Market shares abroad are increasing. What has been on the cards for some time now has been confirmed by the current boom in the Turkish aluminium industry. Investments in extruders and rolling mills guarantee the companies an increase in production so that they can hold their own in this hotly contested environment.  ASAŞ Alüminyum San. ve Tic. Ein is a prime example of healthy growth and resolved an investment package that ran into millions in 2006. The result is the biggest high-bay warehouse of its kind in Turkey. Extensive renewals and increases in efficiency in the powder coating plants, the installation of one of the world’s biggest anodising plants, a doubling of the foundry and improvement of the extrusion output were the ambitious goals. The roofed over area had to be almost doubled. It quickly became clear that this would call for sophisticated warehousing logistics. In addition, the location in one of Turkey’s most active earthquake zones also caused more than just a few headaches.

Company profile
Aluminium extruded sections
Aluminium compound panels
PVC extruded sections
Surface finishing
Aluminium shutters
Alu design industrial product development
Mechanical processing
1000 employees
Turnover 250 million EUROS

The project team from ASAŞ found a perfect partner in fehr Lagerlogistik. Following the first visits to the company site in Akyazi, the challenges quickly became clear. The complete material flow had to be harmonised because being restricted to the warehouse is no longer sufficient today. Where do product flows come together? What system performances are required? The experts analysed the situation in intense discussions. In order to remove the intended production output, a buffer store was needed for dispatch with at least 3500 bins. The dispatch department itself required a very high picking capacity of more than 40 items per hour for this sized store. These are specifications that cannot be realised with normal processes.

The solution was provided by fehr honeycomb. The technically perfected high-bay warehouse holds both special customer containers as well as aluminium sections packed in wooden crates. Three goods receipt stations that follow directly behind the fully automated packaging line and three outgoing goods stations on the dispatch side guarantee a smooth flow of materials. fehr also realised a special distributor carriage with a telescopic table and high-performance grippers. Today, eight trucks are dealt with every shift. And thanks to the overall view of the outgoing goods department, the loading ramp is ideally positioned. The improved performance in outgoing goods is almost 300 percent – with a space requirement of only 2500 square metres. Further advantages include  relief for the personnel and the extremely flexible connection of the stages of production to the warehouse. ASAŞ has thus leapt to the top of the aluminium-processing industry in Turkey just in time to benefit from the developing market situation.

Technical data
Prinziple „Material-to-man“
Number of bins 3560
Payload per bin 1,5 t
Warehouse dimensions 110 x 21 x 20 m (L x W x H)
Storage area savings 60 %
Increase in dispatch capacity 300 %

Equipment features

  • Number of goods receipt stations: 3
  • Number of outgoing goods stations: 3
  • Upgradeable: unlimited
  • Warehouse management: connected to ERP
  • Consistent quality management
  • Permanent inventory
  • Availability > 98 %