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Future Proof - fehr honeycomb at Triple S Steel Holdings, Inc.

Great article in the FFJournal Magazine about our fehr honeycomb at Triple S Steel Holdings, Inc. in Denver.
Thank you Gary Stein for your support! | Future proof

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Maik Ott is the new managing director of Fehr Group AG

Last year, we were delighted to inform you about the future of Fehr Lagerlogistik AG and are pleased that the
70-year history, started by Hans Fehr and continued by Marcel Lehner over the last 35 years, has a guaranteed path for the future with the joining of Fehr Lagerlogistik AG and OttComputer GmbH.

As you already know, since 2012, Fehr and OttComputer have cooperated very closely through the development of the FehrWMS warehouse management system, which led to the joint venture Ott Warehouse Management Systems GmbH. Not least because of this, a close friendship has developed between the Ott and Lehner families.

Through this connection, important strategic decisions for Fehr Group AG have been made in collaboration for many years. Maik Ott was not only regularly present at Fehr Group’s strategy meetings, he has also been a valuable advisory board member at Fehr Warehouse Solutions Inc. for several years.

The intense year with the coronavirus pandemic has now encouraged us to implement a long-term planned strategy even sooner. Our primary objective is to provide you with a future solution based on a stable foundation. Fehr Group and OttComputer Group coming together forms the basis for this, which will be amplified in our economic interdependence.

In connection with this, Maik Ott has been the new managing director of Fehr Group AG and all subsidiaries in Germany and abroad since December 1, 2020. Together with Thomas Lehner as his deputy, they form the executive management of Fehr Lagerlogistik AG. This not only means that the immediate future of the two companies is assured for you, it also paves the way for the long term.

Moving the two companies closer together also offers new opportunities regarding digitalization for many existing and future customers. Fehr and OttComputer are approaching this opportunity together with our combined strength and are looking forward to being able to present even more individual solutions in the future.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have placed your trust in us over the last 70 years and have helped us develop into the company we are today. We look forward to new and challenging projects with you as we head into the future.


Maik Ott                                            Thomas Lehner                                 Marcel Lehner

Managing Director                            Deputy Managing Director                President of the Administrative Board
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Controller Retrofit for System Schultheis Multi Tower or Paternoster

The newest generation of the Siemens Simatic Controller makes the existing System Schultheis Multi Tower and Paternoster system fit for the future. It replaces the antiquated types of controllers. The upgrade is essential for guaranteed system availability, replacement part provision and contemporary features.

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Fehr Lagerlogistik AG has opened a new subsidiary in Charlotte, NC: Fehr Warehouse Solutions, Inc.

Fehr’s entry into the US market has come at a time when warehouse automation and warehouse logistics are playing an ever-increasing role in successful and profitable supply chains.

Fehr Warehouse Solutions will not only provide a local point of contact but will also be the North American headquarters for service and spare parts.

Innovative, one-stop warehousing solutions are our core competencies. Warehousing logistics, automation and special-purpose tasks are employed by our team of experts to ensure smooth movement of materials – irrespective of the grade and/or shape of long bar products or flat rolled goods.

We know that you have a choice when it comes to warehouse automation and AS/RS. Let us help you analyze your data and offer a custom solution for your application.