Everything is in its place with fehr wms

The warehouse management system supports both automatic warehouses according to the principle of material-to-man as well as manual warehouses according to the principle of man-to-material. It either coordinates automatic transport devices that transport the goods to the picking station, or fehr wms guides the warehouse manager to the goods with the aid of a mobile RF terminal or paper printout.

Made-to-measure standard solutions

Modern system architecture

Short implementation time

Because each product group has different performance requirements, we have developed specific solutions alongside the standard version of fehr wms – simply adapted to your needs. The object-based architecture of fehr wms ensures scalability and adaptability, without affecting the integrity. Well-defined interfaces guarantee a simple integration into existing infrastructures. We can define and realise special versions of fehr wms in record time. Well-designed processes and the system’s modularity help here. Experience in data migration and the assembly of a realisation team in combination with simple user interfaces ensure the fastest possible commissioning. Your internal logistics will profit from the short time for the design and the low costs.

Highest availability

Simple configuration

Absolute ergonomics

The technology used and the proactive support service from fehr warehousing logistics guarantees that fehr wms is 99.9 percent available. Do you want to add, change or block bins and storage areas, or organise these into zones? With fehr wms, the warehouse plan can be fully defined via user-friendly configuration masks. The simple and intuitive handling of the user interface also makes it easier for inexperienced users to operate the system. The masks are designed individually for PC monitors, small screen mobile terminals and picking station large screens.

Innovative technology

Maximum data security

High availability

100 % independence from databases and platforms; fehr wms runs on today’s and tomorrow’s platforms. fehr wms stands for the highest data security because the database is separate from the transactions and each logical drive consists of two physical mirror drives. What’s more, a “hot backup” is carried out daily during normal operation and we can offer you several levels from cold to hot standby. All of this guarantees data security up to the last transaction. A warehouse management system has to be available even if things come to the worst. fehr wms runs with reliable server systems under the Windows operating system. It automatically detects any problems and informs the service staff by e-mail or SMS. You can’t get any safer.