Ecosort Ecosort

fehr ecosort

The fastest order picking system for long goods

Quick retrieval times, high availability and crosslinked processes are among the most essential requirements for doing profitable business in any production facility and trading company.

Benefits at a glance:

+ More than 70% saving on the order picking work area
+ Increased productivity to up to 120 picks per hour
+ Individual link to downstream processes through flexible trolley systems at goods issue
+ Automatic and permanent inventory
+ Transparent tracking throughout the entire process
+ Overarching order management between main warehouse, fehr ecosort system and further processing
+ High availability and wider scope of application for personnel resources

The increasing requirements for these sorts of performance parameters pose significant challenges for technology. Implementing the whole system with standardized and, if possible, cross-sector storage system technology complements the complex nature of a market-viable solution.

With the fehr ecosort system, fehr has managed to meet just these demanding requirements. The cross-process structure and extremely high performance which this product offers is unique on the market. With up to 120 picking items per hour, fehr ecosort is the fastest sorting system for long goods.

Be it for specialized companies in the coating sector, retail, production or processing, the system offers far-reaching benefi ts for a wide range of industries. Savings in terms of time, space and resources, whilst increasing productivity, have a direct influence on operating profit.

Cross-linked order and material management between the main warehouse, fehr ecosort (order picking warehouse) and processing is controlled via fehr wms. This ensures maximum traceability and transparency throughout the entire process.